Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Alicia Dress

I present, my newest completed project.
It's also my first attempt of hand garment sewing and upcycling garments.

The originals, 2 boring tops that deserve so much better....

After combining the 2:

And added a bit of fluff to the dress:

Available in size 8 AU in both my MadeIt and Etsy stores.

Completed 21st Dec 2016.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Zoey Mock Crossover Sweater

This is another pattern that I love so much from Feminine Knits book by Lene Holmes Samsoe.
The appearance of the garment is cross over front type of cardigan, but it's actually a pull over type of sweater, with mock cross over front and beautiful crocheted lace detail on the border.

Truly beautiful jacket, I'm fortunate enough to have pink yarn to knitted this amazing garment.
I have a plan to knit more of these with other fantastic colours.

Available in AU Size 10 in both my MadeIt and Etsy store.

Completed on 19th April 2016

Aurora Wave Tank Top

After gathering all my odd remains of yarn, I found 4 colours that happened to match gorgeously for this tank top.
I had my eye on this pattern from Feminine Knits (by Lene Holmes Samsoe) (Chevron Tank - Page 23) for a very long time and finally had  a chance to make it.

The pattern is easy to follow and I have to say it's very relaxing knitting this wavy lace pattern.

The straps are adjustable with 3 buttonholes:

Available in AU Size 8 both in my MadeIt and Etsy store.

Completed 20th March 2016

The Return of LittleMsBusy

Hello Everyone!! 
It's great to be back after a long hiatus from blogging.
Let's see, my last blog entry was back in June 2014, that's almost 2.5 years ago.
How time flies...

I've been really really busy, now I have to split my time between working full time, looking after a 2 year old, looking after general housework and crafting whenever I have spare time.

I had a grand plan going into maternity leave 2 years ago.
I dreamt that I will have unlimited time to knit, crochet and sew.
In the end, I did none of those. Haha.
Aahh... The joy of motherhood.

I did however completed lots of baby clothing projects before the little boy arrived.
Lucky that, because I wouldn't complete all of these otherwise.

I managed to sew lots of swaddles, cotton overalls, shorts, pants and jackets.
Knitted lots of cotton (and a few wool) vest, beanies, and overalls.
All in sizes ranging from 0 to 12 months.




All have been put to good use. Almost all of these have been stored now.
Babies grow really fast, don't they?

I made a few stretchy maternity clothes for myself:



And this very useful diaper bag, with lots of inner pockets, 2 external pockets and a foldable changing mat
that's attached to the front of the bag for easy diaper change.


It's still me ever so dependable bag until now.
It's very lightweight, which means the weight of the bag doesn't add to the overall weight of all the stuff I have to carry.

After Baby A was born in Oct, I managed to sneak a bit of time here and there to knit and crochet, not so much sewing, because of the noise and the mess on the table when I need to cut fabric. I find knitting and crochet is less
messy, faster and easier to pack up whenever required.
Less clean up = Awesomeness

And also, with the ever decreasing amount of storage, I finally reviewed all the odd remains of yarns that I have and managed to reduce them down and made these:

Fast forward 1 year, it was time for me to go back to work and also an opportunity for me to start knitting on the go again. 

Look at my pile of yarns!!

And another jacket I made for Baby A:

After returning to work, I finally managed to complete some more projects, which I will cover in my next posts.